Hidden Gem of So Cal #18 & 19

The Hollywood Sign & The Bronson Caves: Hollywood, CA

Location: Lat 34° 7' 28.2713" Long -118° 18' 51.0754"

2960 Canyon Drive, Los Angeles

There will be two trails at the entrance of the park. The first (on the right) will take you to the Bronson Caves (less than a mile away). The second trail (straight ahead) will take you the Hollywood sign (about a five mile hike).

Cost: Free (Open during daylight hours)

Offbeat Frontier Article: Offbeat Hollywood

Offbeat Hollywood

The Offbeat Frontier gang went hiking once again in the majestic Griffith Park in search for adventure and tourist attractions, two in fact. The first on the list was the iconic Hollywood sign.

The Hollywood Sign
Though one could simply look north anywhere in Los Angeles and see the Hollywood sign, but that's not the Offbeat Frontier style. Why simply look when you could experience it! To take the "Offbeat Trail" you have to be ready for anything and everything. A long steep climb, out of control horses coming at you at every turn, and dragons.

Elliot The Dragon
Kelly and Erik take on the beast
Hannah & Jason were apparently here
We won!

Once you defeat the dragon you can continue the treacherous five mile hike, and there you are.

On top of the world
It's a little known fact that the sign was originally "Hollywoodland". Most of the records regarding the origination of the sign were lost due to earthquakes and poor resources. It was not until a little film in the 1990s that unearthed the full story of how and why the sign dropped the land part of it. Here's a clip:

And if that wasn't enough, we were able to find another gem of both Griffith Park and the entertainment world. Tucked away in the Hollywood hills are the Bronson Caves, more famously know as the entrance to the Bat Cave in the 60s television classic, Batman.

Holy Caves Batman!

Garage Bros